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Portrait of the Week

This month’s Portrait of the Week I am featuring an inspiring interior designer, and also a personal friend of mine Jennifer Rudolph from Blue Garnet Design. I enjoy reading through her answers, so make sure you read through all of them!

Q:  What is your philosophy on business?  

A: I think to be in business for yourself means being willing to take risks, do things outside of the conventional norm and have a tremendous amount of perseverance.  You must do  what you love in life, and do it with passion I think that’s the key to inner fulfillment.  It’s also wise to recognize your strengths and get help with the rest, otherwise you hold yourself back.

Q:  What do you think is key to success in business?  

A: I think it’s being very authentic in your desire to share something with the world, and being willing to take each small step that then leads to it becoming something bigger.

Q:  My style for my place is…  
A: Currently it’s a contemporary with natural organic elements.  I’d like to switch it up to a fun, modern, Scandinavian inspired space.

Q:  Three things in my place I love…
A: Our dining room table, it’s made from a reclaimed door of a Buddhist temple, all our travel photos and my sons colorful works of art.

Q:  Favourite interior designer, decor store, and home magazine…
A: There are so many inspiring designers out there, but I particularly love the British designer Kelly Hoppen, for her exquisite interiors that are truly an art form. Also Jessica Helgerson of Portland Oregon, for her interiors that have an amazing authentic, creative quality to them.  Decor stores, it depends what you’re looking for, but I like 18 Karat for natural organic handmade pieces, Mint in the armoury district for modern fun pieces, they carry a lot of Jonathan Adler who designs really unexpected pieces for the home and Fullhouse if you’re looking for mid-century modern.  My favourite design magazine would have to be Elle Decor they feature design from around the world.
Q:  Favourite home activity…
A: I love weekend mornings, we just moved into a new house and the kitchen is filled with light and space.  We make breakfast with my son who’s 2 1/2, he loves to help, and it feels like a happy time.

Q:  Story behind the art in your place…
A: It’s mostly a collection of black and white photographs I’ve taken during my travels with my husband.  Although it was starting to feel a little bit like a gallery, so I bought a huge painting of just lines of green and yellow paint for a colour burst.

Q:  What’s your dream home like if money wasn’t a factor…
A: I adore an exterior with interesting architectural and historical elements, contrasted by a modern light filled interior with hits of energizing art and color.

Q:  Neighbourhood haunt…
A: Little nest on the drive, what can I say, our son loves it there and we actually get to finish a cup of coffee while he plays in their space set up for kids and I love they’re retro inspired interior.
Q: Currently listening to.. (3 songs)
Love the soundtrack to Cafe de Flore, Barr Brothers Beggar in the Morning, and Charlie Winston’s Like a Hobo to get me going.

Q: Splurge on….
A: Right now I have my eye on new large sphere like modern chandelier for the dining room, we have 11 foot ceilings in the dining room and it doesn’t have light fixture.

Q: What is your new years resolution?  
A:I don’t really make new years resolutions but I definitely strive for different changes at different times, this year it would be balance and organization while keeping an open mind.

Q: What is your personal motto?
A: I’ve never thought of myself as having a personal motto but if I look at what I value in myself and others it’s to be authentic, stay inspired and recognize our ability to create a life uniquely ours.

Phyllis Hansen - March 25, 2013 - 3:50 pm

Wow what a beautiful photo of a very beautiful woman!

Jaclyn & Mat’s Wedding at Brix

I am so honored to have photographed and be part of my good friends Jaclyn and Mat’s wedding last November. The wedding was intimate, beautiful, and heartwarming.  It was held at one of my favourite venue Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar. Their courtyard always reminds me of places in Europe, and their food is simply amazing. I had a fantastic time at the wedding, and I wish I could do it again. Congrats to the beautiful couple Jaclyn and Mat. Big love!
Here’s Jaclyn and Mat’s Outdoor Movie Themed E-Session if you haven’t seen it! One of my favourite e-session! And here’s a really cute video Mat made for Jaclyn. Videographed by Mat’s fabulous team Capture the Moment.
Dress: Jason Alexander from Sposa
Shoes: Kenneth cole
Decor: self taught!
Jewlery: my bracelet and hair jewels are vintage (my granmother’s) and all the girls earrings are Elsa Corsi 
Hair: Nadia Albano
Make-up: Nadia Albano
Wedding Paper Divas (invites), we did our own seating chart
Flowers: Whole Foods
Ceremony: Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar
Reception: Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar
Groom’s Tux: tiger of Sweden from Staccato, boys in Hugo Boss, girls in BCBG
Cake: Nottes Bon ton
Videographer: Capture the Moment!!!



Secret Love : Black Edition [Vancouver Boudoir Photography]

Age and body shape don’t matter! With the RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER (hehe), the right attitude & the right poses, plus a little bit of photoshop, anyone could look this great!:)

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